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Betting sites are a good platform for Cashout of cards and bank logs. If you can create a good account and make sure to verify all the info, you can quickly Cashout sums of money with this Card Betting Sites Guide. For easy verification, Use US cc as they only ask for the last 3 digits of your SSN to verify with your name and dob.

card betting sites

As a first-time deposit, you can add up to $500 easily and bet a few times. You can then withdraw later. Make sure to follow all Card Betting Sites Guide

To withdraw, just make sure to win or lose some bets. You can then withdraw, don’t rush to withdraw on the same day. Take one or two days while betting then withdraw and we guarantee that the card betting sites guide will work


  • Method –This Card Betting Sites Guide is tested and will work well
  • Fullz with SSN and DOB – Use Ze4w fullz, check steps for buying
  • Proxy/Vpn/Rdp – Make sure to match the cc holder location
  • VM – Use a PC/Mac with an installed windows VM    to work with
  • US phone number – You may need to enter a phone number but not a must. You can just type the owner of the cc phone and just change some digits so he won’t receive notifications

For easy carding, always use a card with all fullz info as it saves you time to get background info. For this card betting sites guide, we just need cc info, address, and full names

Site: htttps://www.unibet.com

1) Register and Buy Fullz from Ze4w

Go to Ze4w and create a new account, fill in your username, and create a password.  Account creation is free, but top up your account to avoid suspension and view the latest card betting site guides and methods. Go to your account and select US Cards. They work best. In my case, I will work with the US. Make sure you choose a card with full info and nonvbv

Make sure you choose the full fullz card, The site has checkboxes to select nonvbv, I chose a card with nonvbv checked meaning it’s a nonvbv with all info. All cards are live and A balance checker is available so make sure you use it. Card Betting sites Guide Will help in making orders, make sure your card can hold the order amount.

2) Proxy setup/VPN Setup

You can also use a VPN for this method since we will register our account with full docs from Ze4w, whether we use a proxy or VPN will not matter. For VPN, most will work as long as the check is %100 IP check score. If you already have a VPN, check the score on whoer.net. If you don’t have a VPN, use express VPN or HMA VPNProxies/VPNs, and residential ones like  vip72 work best. Choose the Location according to your fullz info and make sure you match state and city if possible. This Card Betting sites Guide will work well with any.

card betting sites, Unibet card betting sites method

Make a good decision on these as they play a significant role in carding success rate. For Proxies, use  vip72.com or any good residential proxies/VPNs. They are the best for Card Betting sites Guide.

3) Register for Unibet Account

Now depending on the location of cc you chose, choose the location from the list of Unibet locations available from the account creation site. For this Card Betting sites Guide, we chose Indiana.

card betting sites

I have and Indiana Fullz so I chose the Indiana state below
Use your email and generate a good password to create account. Agree to terms and conditions and proceed

card betting sites
4) Use Fullz for Personal Info tab

All the personal info asked on account creation should be filled with the info of your fullz you bought. This will be used to verify the validity of your info. Name, Address, Date of Birth, and lastly SSN.

If you got a cc without all the info, you would need to use background checks and pay for things like SSNs. It is best to choose a card with ssn in Ze4wto save you time while using the Card Betting sites Guide and save you $.

card betting sites

You can easily confirm if the address is correct by google, Verify no typos in the address. Do not proceed with the Card Betting sites Guide if you have errors

card betting sites, Unibet card betting sites method
card betting sites, Unibet card betting sites method

The address is generated from the street address and it matched my fullz. Now time to proceed

5) Account Created

 Finally, when all is good you should see this Thank You page. Now your Card Betting sites Guide worked well

card betting sites, Unibet card betting sites method

You can choose to play now to go to the deposit option so we can proceed to add our payment method

6) Payment methods

Select CC as the Deposit method you want to use. This is a very important step in our Card Betting sites Guide 

card betting sites, Unibet card betting sites method

For amount choose any amount from $500 or below for the first time, this will be paid easily with card betting sites guide

Next, you will type your cc info together with the billing address. Mostly the billing address will be the same as the address you used above. 
Also, make sure never to copy and paste any billing info as sites are so sensitive to this and will treat you as a carder.

card betting sites, Unibet card betting sites method
card betting sites, Unibet card betting sites method

Your billing Address is the same as the home address you used while creating the site. When you are satisfied with the info you can proceed to confirm the deposit

7) Funds Deposit

Confirming the deposit should not take long since our process was good enough.  This is what I got back after hitting the submit button. Card Betting sites Guide worked well

card betting sites, Unibet card betting sites method

Now we can trade some funds then withdraw and later we can deposit another from the same card before it gets blocked. I usually get blocked in a week and we will have used a good amount of funds from it. Card Betting sites Guide can last even for a week, this means you can charge the card for up to 5 times

card betting sites, Unibet card betting sites method

Type the fullz info in the billing form and make sure everything is good

8) Summary

Now funds in your balance you can do as you wish, trade, lose or win a few bucks and then withdraw to your preferred method

card betting sites, Unibet card betting sites method

Card Betting sites Guide

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