OTP Bot Telegram – Bypass 2fa

OTP Bot Telegram - Bypass 2fa Authentication

How to use OTP Bot Telegram To bypass payment verifications.

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OTP BOT Telegram is the most advanced and versatile OTP & SMS capture bot capable of getting OTP & SMS codes from victims by impersonating a company or bank. You can use this to get OTP for logins, banks, credit cards, apple pay, and more


  • Multiple modes to choose from
  • Unique text-to-speech each call
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Multiple countries supported
  • Custom Caller ID (can be any company or bank)
otp bot telegram

The OTP Bot Telegram uses Telegram advanced bots to integrate calls API to any country. The victim receives an automated call like the one from banks, or network providers. The code from our OTP Bot Telegram is requested from the victim to confirm his/her identity. Then it is forwarded to us by telegram, we use it to complete our payment.

Where Can you Use Version

Use the OTP Bot Telegram  with cards that ask for 2fa during checkout

Bank logs, PayPal and Financial Apps, Any account that asks for 2fa during login 

Our OTP bot Telegram can request any type of information from victim, You can also ask for full CC details including CVV and EXP 

Any site that will ask for 2fa, just know the victim number and request. Video guide below

Buy our OTP Bot Telegram license from ze4w. You can make up to 1500 calls in a month. All the guides are offered on how to use the bot. You can call on the PC telegram version or the Mobile. You get a link to our bot and just start it, the instructions to use are listed in order. You can use our preset audio for calling the victim or set your own. You just need to have the victim’s phone number, the spoofed company number eg. if you want to call as Bank Service, you should know the Bank number, just Google.

OTP Bot Telegram guide

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otp bot telegram
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