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How to Generate Crypto With Balance

All crypto wallets have seeds generated from the BIP39 mnemonic phases word list (2048 words). By selecting 12 random words from the list, you can get a valid seed phrase for a wallet, all you have to do is validate the seed using a script. Generating the seed manually will be tiresome and getting a valid wallet with a balance will be impossible since there are millions of possible ways.

Our script can generate millions of wallet seeds within minutes with a normal PC, after generating the seeds, our validator will remove nonvalid seeds and generate crypto addresses from the valid seeds, The last step is checking the balance of the addresses. All wallets with balance will be saved on a  file with the corresponding wallet seed. You can then import on any supported wallet and use the funds.

The more the wallet seed you generate the higher the luck, and with our powerful script, you can generate millions within minutes and keep repeating the process over and over as the script doesn’t have any limitations.


Wallet Bruteforcer

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Buy the lifetime version of the script, Instruction to use will be provided. The price is $250 for crypto payments only. Use the download button below to get the file. Get the file password after payment. Use the support below to contact support about payment method, you can use the from on the footer

Generate Crypto with Balance
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